Liberals blast Sen. Kyrsten Sinema as racist, ‘bigot’ for opposing elimination of filibuster

Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s decision to support keeping the Senate filibuster rule and thus preventing her party from passing a federal election overhaul bill sparked outrage from liberals who are accusing her of being racist.

“I’m not kidding about @kyrstensinema – it’s all about race,” political consultant Tom Watson tweeted. “If you’re wondering what the “Sinema secret” is, that’s it. Black people. There’s no real mystery here. Plain old bigot. Occam’s razor. The mask is off.”

Watson added in another tweet that Sinema has chosen the side of “white supremacy” and that’s “what defines her now.”

Liberal professor Jeff Jarvis responded to the tweet with the hashtag #SinemaSoWhite.

Former television anchor Keith Olbermann called on Sinema to resign, labeled her a “menace to the continuation of American democracy,” and accused her of “undoing” the Civil Rights legacy of the late Congressman John Lewis.

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