Let’s Talk About Trauma

If I were to tell you I’m going to talk about “my trauma(s),” what would you imagine? I bet it’d be something like — a narcissistic mother, an alcoholic father, or a history of sexual abuse. Some concepts or images from your own life would come to your mind, and I would probably catch your attention.

But what If I were to tell you I’m going to talk about “trauma.” What do you imagine? Take a few seconds and allow your mind to figure out what you think I am referring to. I couldn’t possibly guess where your mind went.

I’m asking because I want to make a point of how many different meanings we can assign to that word: trauma.

I was not born in the U.S. and English is not my first language, therefore, I try to be as clear as possible about the meaning of the words I use in order to communicate my thoughts well when I’m talking and writing. Trauma is exactly the same word in my language and in several others — maybe because it comes from the exact same word in Greek that means “injury” or “wound.”

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