Lane Kiffin makes one-handed catch of water bottle thrown at him following Ole Miss’ win at Tennessee

Chaos erupted in the fourth quarter of Saturday night’s Ole Miss at Tennessee game in Knoxville when fans began to throw objects onto the field after disagreeing with a spot by the officials that resulted in a turnover on downs. When the game concluded, following a 15-minute delay, fans threw objects, including at Rebels head coach Lane Kiffin as he was escorted off of the field by police officers.

Kiffin showed off his athleticism by making a one-handed snag of a water bottle that was hurled in his direction.

“They were just throwing stuff and I just said, ‘Put your helmets on. Let’s play.’ It was actually their people that came over and moved us off,” Kiffin told SEC Network sideline reporter Cole Cubelic. “It is what it is. They’re passionate fans and there were 100,000 of them that came to see a show, and it didn’t end up like they wanted. So it is what is.”

This was Kiffin’s first game back in Knoxville as a head coach after leaving the Vols after one season in 2009 for the USC job. He was asked this week if he regretted how his tenure ended with the Vols.

“I don’t think of it that way because we didn’t know what was going to happen, so we went there being told by the powers there that this Reggie Bush situation, there was nothing to it worst-case scenario, slap on wrist,” Kiffin said earlier this week.