Lakers optimistic after loss to Warriors, but reliance on overworked LeBron James could be fatal flaw

SAN FRANCISCO — LeBron James walked to the bench, dejected, shaking his head. Klay Thompson had just hit a corner 3-pointer to put the Golden State Warriors up by 10 early in the second quarter, and James looked like a man searching for answers — just as he, and everyone involved with the franchise, have been doing all season. During the ensuing timeout, he threw his hands in the air, engaging in a couple of heated conversations with teammates before heading back out onto the court.

Given the Los Angeles Lakers’ disappointing play this season, the recent discouraging comments from up and down the organization about the team’s future, both in reports and on the record, and the lack of activity at the trade deadline, you almost expected them to roll over. Here we go again, etc., etc., etc.

Instead the Lakers battled back, putting forth one of their most spirited efforts of the season.

“I felt like that was as connected as we’ve been in quite a while,” said James, who finished with 26 points, 15 rebounds and eight assists. “It’s good to have a good feeling out there.”

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