Kamala Harris says she’s speaking with GOP senators about voting rights legislation

Vice President Kamala Harris says she is speaking with Republican senators on a key piece of voting legislation. During a phone interview with CBS News, the vice president said there is “no bright line” defining whom she speaks to about voting rights legislation. She said it’s “a non-partisan issue” and “should be approached that way.”

In response to a question about whether she had spoken with any GOP senators about S. 1, the sweeping voting rights bill that has been blocked in the Senate, she replied, “I have spoken to Republican senators — both elected Republicans and Republican leaders,” Harris said, and she identified one GOP senator.

Harris’ office later clarified that the two had discussed infrastructure, not voting rights. A spokesperson for Murkowski did not respond to a request for comment.

S. 1 is not a bill that Murkowski favors — she has previously called the For the People Act a “partisan, federal takeover of the election system.”

The Alaska senator is the co-sponsor of the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, which would essentially restore a portion of the act struck down by the Supreme Court. This bill also faces GOP opposition and has not yet been introduced, but the White House has expressed support for this legislation, too.

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