Johnny Manziel admits he sold autographs for this whopping amount while at Texas A&M

It was rumored and denied but now one-time college football legend turned NFL bust Johnny Manziel is coming clean.

While starring at quarterback for Texas A&M, Manziel recalls a time when he only had $65 in his bank account. That’s when Manziel decided to make some money off his signature prior to the 2013 college football season.

Eight years ago, the NCAA launched an investigation because they felt Manziel was receiving payment for signing autographs, however, there was no evidence that he did such a thing at the time.

Manziel recently made an appearance on Barstool Sports podcast “Bussin’ With The Boys”, and he admitted that he did indeed make extra money by signing some autographs.

The current quarterback of the Zappers of the new Fan Controlled Football League said that he was originally approached by a guy and he asked Manziel if he wanted to make $3,000.

“I may or may not have gone back to this guy’s condo [in South Beach] and signed probably 10,000 pieces,” Manziel recalled.

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