Jerusalem tensions: Death toll rises amid rocket fire and airstrikes

Violence has continued into a fifth day in Israel. Hamas has launched rocket attacks towards Tel Aviv after an Israeli airstrike destroyed an office tower in Gaza.

More than 200 rockets fired toward Israel since Monday

Over 20 people killed in Gaza, including children, after Israel retaliated

Two Israeli citizens in Ashkelon have died from rocket fire

Hamas has launched rockets at Tel Aviv after a major Israeli airstrike in Gaza

Germany urges all sides to “avoid further civilian casualties”

This live updates article has now been closed. For a wrap-up of Tuesday’s events, see here: Israel and Hamas militants exchange fire, leaving dozens dead.

Sirens in Tel Aviv as rockets fired

The Israeli Defense Forces said that more rockets were being fired at Tel Aviv in the early hours of Wednesday morning, forcing people to rush to bomb shelters.

Hamas said that it had fired hundreds of rockets at Tel Aviv and the town of Beersheva in retaliation for the building that was destroyed in Gaza.

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