Iowa’s Hinterland gave us a brief return to music festival living

Turns out there’s more to be seen and heard near Des Moines than just corn and cattle—though both are Midwest staples. Cows will be your friend if you’re nice to them. But that’s not the point.

The point is that the folks at Hinterland were gracious enough to toss me and two friends tickets to the three-day music festival in Saint Charles, IA last weekend.

Though we’d have liked to camp—or glamp, the air-conditioned option—our schedules only allowed for one, blissful day of attendance. We lucked out because I was most excited for the Sunday lineup.

That said, camping did seem like the way to go. There was a shower trailer. I, too, dream of owning a truck so I can perch a rooftop tent on it, as someone had done with their Mercedes G Wagon. Hinterland campers are nothing if not industrious.

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