How ‘Equalizer’ writes off Chris Noth’s character after firing, assault allegations

Chris Noth’s character on “The Equalizer” was officially written off the show on Sunday’s episode.

The actor, who portrayed William Bishop, was fired from the CBS drama after multiple sexual assault allegations surfaced in December. He has denied all of the claims.

In “The Equalizer,” Noth, 67, played an old friend of Queen Latifah’s character Robyn McCall, who runs a private security company after years as a CIA director. The actor appeared in his final episode in January.

On Sunday’s show, Bishop was killed in a plane crash that was orchestrated by McCall’s nemesis Mason Quinn (Chris Vance) as he’s assisting in a CIA investigation to stop Quinn from selling a deadly weapon. In the final moments of the episode, she gets a call from Bishop. However, it’s Quinn. He warns McCall not to interfere in his dealings or he’ll attempt to kill her a second time.