Gilbert Arenas’ grim warning for Isaiah Stewart after LeBron James attack

Gilbert Arenas has a grim outlook for Isaiah Stewart after the Pistons forward’s bloody scuffle with LeBron James on Sunday.

After James elbowed him in eye, Stewart repeatedly charged at the Lakers star in a fit of rage — something Arenas suggested he’ll likely be traded for.

In a comment on Instagram, Arenas suggested Stewart should “pack all S–T, pack yo winter jackets and boots becuz yo about to be traded to (Budapest) somewhere” because “you can’t charge at the #KING like that on tv.”

Arenas warned Stewart that he “will be drug tested expeditiously just to make sure that rage ain’t drug related.”

Sunday’s incident sparked an on-court fracas that saw players and coaches holding back Stewart, who required five Arenas wrote that Stewart hasn’t “read the memo on fight attempts in the NBA” and listed four players you “don’t square up with,” including James, Nets star Kevin Durant and Warriors duo Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.

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