George Gascon recall campaign gets support from left-leaning Hollywood honchos

A campaign to recall Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon is receiving donations from high-profile figures across the political spectrum as fears of violent crime mount in the SoCal city.

Major funding for the effort comes from Palos Verdes Estates investor Gerald Marcil and Beverly Hills real estate developer Geoff Palmer – both Republican megadonors – but other generous donors fall among Hollywood’s left-leaning elite.

“He keeps saying that this campaign is a Trump-funded campaign, and that is far from the truth,” recall co-founder Desiree Andrade, whose 20-year-old son died in a brutal attack in 2018, said of Gascon in an interview with Fox News Digital. “That bothers me because I’m not fighting about politics here. I’m fighting for public safety justice. And to me, public safety does not see color and does not see politics.”

Andrade, a registered Democrat herself, added that Gascon’s narrative about the recall effort “has stopped” recently because he has “seen” that the campaign is being funded, in part, by Democrats concerned about public safety.

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