First doctor visit for some in Philippines

A 60-year-old Filipino farmer with a months long chronic cough and history of tuberculosis had never seen a doctor before meeting medical officer Major Peter Del Fante in the highlands outside San Fernando.
He was in a remote area, so his priorities were farming and getting food on the table for his family, Major Del Fante said. We were able to recommend he be followed up by local health workers to be tested for TB with a chest x-ray and setting up treatment.
Major Del Fante was with medical and dental staff from the ADF, the US Navy, Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Republic of Korea Navy doing health screens for locals at a remote high school during Exercise Pacific Partnership.
Many people came in to see a dentist, but many parents brought in children with viral infections. Those were more about reassuring parents that it was just a common cold and we could give out paracetamol to help with symptoms, Major Del Fante said.

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