Fashion trends: Is social media accelerating the pace they change?

Fashion trends are changing faster than they ever have before, according to experts.

Senior strategist at fashion trend forecaster WGSN Allyson Rees told Newshub this is due to “more social networks, social media and just overall content than ever before”.

“The rate at which ideas are being exchanged is also faster than ever before,” said Rees.

“Consumers now turn to influencers on Instagram and Tiktok for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle inspiration, as opposed to print magazines and even online magazines.”

The way consumers follow trends has also changed. We no longer have to wait for our copy of Vogue to arrive in the mail to know what to wear next season.

According to Rees, this can be seen in the changes to magazines, which are often now “more evergreen as opposed to trend-driven”.

“Social media is where the trends happen at a grassroots level and then get co-opted by influencers and brands,” she said.

“This [print] has been a huge interior print trend over the past year, and became popular during the COVID-19 pandemic with consumers wanting to dress up their home spaces with personal style,” Rees said.

“We can see how checkerboard prints started with a few crafters, makers and independent artists, got noticed by some niche influencers, and then eventually blew up into a mass market space.”