Elon Musk warns of ‘dangerous technology’ that he may have accelerated

The emergence of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence in its various forms, has shaken up many industries around the world and has prominent figures in the tech world worried about its overall potential.
One of those prominent figures is SpaceX, Tesla, and Twitter CEO Elon Musk, who has recently been taking to his personal Twitter account to discuss the potential of AI-powered systems, while also poking fun at the people that were riding the cryptocurrency hype train that has now jumped over to the AI hype train.
Musk tweeted out that he’s been recently experiencing “existential angst” about AI development, which eventually led to a series of other tweets where the Tesla CEO explained that OpenAI, the company behind the now widely popular ChatGPT, has changed it direction since Musk founded it in 2015. According to Musk, OpenAI was formed to bring transparency to AI in the form of being “open source”, hence Musk’s decision to name the company ‘OpenAI’.
However, according to Musk, the company’s direction has changed to being “closed source” and a company that focuses on “maximum-profit” while also being “effectively controlled by Microsoft”. Notably, Musk left OpenAI in 2018, and since the release of ChatGPT, which turned into the viral phenomenon we see today, the billionaire has been calling for AI regulation, especially since Microsoft’s rocky release of Bing Chat that uses the underlying technology that powers ChatGPT.
It was only during Tesla’s investor meeting that Musk called for more regulation to be implemented in AI development and that he believes the technology is “quite dangerous”. Adding that, he believes he assisted in laying the groundwork that eventually created OpenAI’s ChatGPT. “I fear I may have done some things to accelerate it,” said Musk.
In other news, NASA has pressed China by releasing a selection of images that show its Zhurong Mars rover hasn’t moved in month, following rumors suggesting that the Zhurong rover is actually dead. The rumors found in several reports suggest that a thick layer of martian dust has coated the rover’s solar panels preventing the battery from acquiring any charge. China’s space agency hasn’t provided any public update on the health of the rover, which has led to more speculation about the condition of the rover.

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