Ed Sheeran Answers Difficult Questions From Kids: Watch

How much money does Ed Sheeran have? Are there any songs he hates playing? He answered those tricky questions, and more, in a new video posted by BBC Radio 1.

Sheeran was interviewed by 9- and 10-year-old kids for the clip, which was uploaded to YouTube on Friday (June 4).

The questions weren’t so bad at first, but got a bit tougher as things went on.

One child asked whether Sheeran had any plans to be in another film, to which he admitted, “I actually got asked to do a cameo the other day for a movie, and it’s quite funny, so I might do it … I’m not an actor, so if someone goes, ‘Hey, do you wanna be in a movie?’ I will always say yes.”

Another asked what his favorite food was, and the answer was easy, if not very specific: “Takeaway.”

But then the topic turned into something slightly more uncomfortable: “Have you ever worked with anyone that you didn’t like?” Sheeran was asked.

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