Downtown Nashville Shines in Robby Johnson’s New Music Video

Robby wrote the song in about thirty minutes, right after his wife suggested he should write a song speaking directly to a girl using the words “girl,” “eyes,” and “kiss.” She told him that these words are always very sexy coming out of his mouth when performing live.

At first, Robby wasn’t really excited about the idea like, that’s never going to work… So, as a way to prove himself it was a bad idea, he took it very literally and just sang “Girl your eyes” over a chord progression he was fooling around with on his guitar. Little did he know that this combination of words would transport him directly into a bar with its neon lights, its drinks, its music, and that first eye contact that screams love at first sight. The song’s chorus also incorporates a reference to the 4th of July as it offers the most beautiful skies of the year and represents a turning point in history.

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