Donald Trump endorses Wyoming lawyer Harriet Hageman in GOP primary against Liz Cheney

Donald Trump endorses Wyoming Republican challenging Liz Cheney

Donald Trump took direct aim Thursday at Republican Rep. Liz Cheney, endorsing Wyoming lawyer Harriet Hageman in her GOP primary bid to unseat the anti-Trump lawmaker who says the party needs to move past the volatile ex-president.

“Harriet is all in for America First,” Trump said in a written statement, while denouncing Cheney as a “RINO” – “Republican in Name Only” – and “the Democrats number one provider of sound bites.”

Trump, who says he vetted several Wyoming Republicans who wanted to challenge Cheney, has urged candidates to unite behind one challenger who could have a one-on-one race against his GOP nemesis.

Cheney, targeted by Trump since her vote to impeach him in January, responded by re-tweeting his announcement along with a defiant statement of her own.

“Here’s a sound bite for you: Bring it,” Cheney tweeted.

In response, Hageman tweeted that she is “planning” to bring it, and taunted Cheney over Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: “If you’re not busy meeting with Pelosi come back and visit us in Wyoming sometime.”