Digital Underground rapper Shock G’s cause of death revealed

Rap pioneer Shock G’s cause of death has been determined.

Gregory Jacobs died from a combination of fentanyl, ethanol (alcohol) and methamphetamine, an initial case summary of the legendary emcee’s autopsy revealed. The manner of death was ruled accidental, according to the summary from the Hillsborough County Medical Examiner’s office.

Jacobs, 57, was found unresponsive on April 22 in a hotel room in Tampa, Fla., the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office reported to the medical examiner. Digital Underground confirmed Jacobs’ death to Fox News at the time.

As Shock G, Jacobs led Digital Underground, a hip-hop group with an ever-changing lineup that gave rise to legends like Tupac Shakur, Chopmaster J and more.

He formed the group with Jimi C. “Chopmaster J” Dright Jr. and Kenneth “Kenny-K” Waters in the late 1980s. The group featured a new lineup with each album and tour.

Shakur performed on Digital Underground’s 1991 song “Same Song” and appeared in the music video.

Jacobs and Shakur remained close collaborators, and Jacobs reportedly helped produce Shakur’s debut solo album, “2Pacalyse Now.” Furthermore, Shakur’s “I Get Around” features Jacobs.