Diabetes patients can eat fruits comfortably it will not harm their health

Diabetic patients have to ensure before eating or drinking anything that their blood sugar level will not increase by eating this thing. Especially when it comes to fruits, a little more thought has to be given. Actually, fruits contain natural sugar. If the natural sugar is more than required in the fruit, then it can cause an increase in blood sugar.
Let us tell you that the reason for the increase in blood sugar in diabetes is sugar i.e. carbohydrate. When we eat food with high carbohydrate content, the blood sugar rises rapidly. But most fruits have high carbohydrate content. Therefore, it is important to know which fruit has low carbohydrate content.
According to dietician Dr. Asha Singh, diabetes patients can eat any fruit but it should be kept in mind that you should choose such fruits which do not have more than 15 grams of carbohydrates. For this, it has to be seen how much carbohydrate is present in which fruit. It was told that the fruit which has high fiber content and whose glycemic index is less than 55, that fruit is beneficial for diabetes patients. 
The glycemic index of apple, orange, dates etc. is below 55. Therefore, these fruits can be consumed in limited quantity. Apart from this, diabetes patients can also consume citrus fruits like jamun, guava, pear, watermelon, papaya, apple, plum. These fruits are diabetic friendly.
Apple is a wonderful fruit, which contains many types of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. All these control blood sugar. The amount of carbohydrates in apple is very low. Therefore, a small apple is beneficial for diabetes patients.

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