Demystifying common misconceptions surrounding epidurals

An epidural is a common procedure to provide pain relief or a lack of feeling for labour and childbirth, certain surgeries and certain causes of chronic pain.
It is a type of regional anesthesia commonly used in childbirth and certain surgical procedures. They involve the injection of medication into the epidural space, which is the area surrounding the spinal cord in the spine outermost membrane called the dura. During childbirth, an epidural can help relieve pain by numbing the nerves that transmit sensations from the lower body to the brain, said Dr Ritu Sethi, Director, Aura Speciality Clinic, Gurgaon, and Senior Consultant Cloud Nine Hospital, Gurgaon.
Epidurals are one of the most effective, safest and widely used forms of pain management for women in labour, yet there are misconceptions about it. Talking about the same, Dr Amina Khalid, ObstetricianGynaecologist took to Instagram and shared, There are a lot of myths that have been circulating as regards to epidural and my aim here is to clear them up for you so that these misconceptions are not the reason you opt out of it

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