Consumer Confidence in Travel Gets a Boost as Vaccines Roll Out

Vaccines are boosting consumer confidence in travel. Airlines, airports, travel agencies and cruise lines are all reporting increased traffic and bookings.

New research from Allianz details this surge and how vaccines are driving it and how other health and safety measures continue to increase confidence as well.

A majority of the 3,500 customers that Allianz surveyed (67 percent) said that they believe receiving a COVID-19 vaccine will make them feel safe enough to travel again. Customers over the age of 65 placed more importance on receiving the vaccine (78 percent) versus customers in younger age ranges.

When it comes to feeling safe traveling, consumers felt safer if they themselves were vaccinated versus ensuring that all those around them were vaccinated, such as airline crew or other travelers. Sixty-seven percent said receiving the vaccine was more impactful while 47 percent said it was more impactful for airline crews or other travelers receiving the vaccine.