CMS to get tougher on Medicare Advantage, official promises

CMS Deputy Administrator Jon Blum signaled regulators could increasingly crack down on bad actors in the MA program, which now covers more than half of Medicare seniors.
The CMS is poised to crack down further on health insurers in the Medicare Advantage program, according to new comments from a top agency official. MA plans which now cover more than half of Medicare beneficiaries have faced rising criticism over care denials and access, along with improper coding practices that inflate the program’s cost.
You will see CMS in the future be a much tougher payer and much tougher regulator to ensure that, for every beneficiary and taxpayer who pay more for it, the value is there, the service is there and beneficiaries have full information for the choices that they’re making, CMS Deputy Administrator Jon Blum said Thursday at the National Association of ACOs’ fall conference in Washington, D.C.

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