City approves funding for Santa Maria sports complex

santa maria parks.JPG

The idea for a soccer complex in the City of Santa Maria has been in the works for about 10 years and this week, the city council approved funding for the project.

Those funds include a state grant of $6.5 million, $1.5 million from Santa Barbara County, and $1 million from the City of Santa Maria.

The sports project may include four athletic fields, hard court areas, parking, a playground and support facilities.

City leaders recognize that this will help thousands of local kids who are actively involved in Santa Maria’s various soccer leagues and school teams year-round.

“Currently, we’re in design work which means we’ve hired a firm to go out and do all of our construction plans and once those are ready, we’ll be ready. Once the purchase of the property happens, we’ll be shovel ready,” said Dennis Smitherman, City of Santa Maria Recreation Services Manager.

The location is currently farmland in the city limits and has not yet been purchased.

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