Can you identify the BTS member just by looking at their hair?

Take this fun quiz to find out how big of a BTS fan you are, guess the member by looking at their hair and we’ll tell you!

When it comes to K-pop, BTS is one of the biggest names on the scene. Universally known as the best-dressed and most talented boy group, BTS is known for their international hits like Dynamite, Savage Love, Life Goes On, Fake Love and many more.

The seven-member group debuted in 2013 and continue to set the standard for other K-pop boy groups with their trailblazing music. Not only this, Berluti, Saint Laurent, Gucci, and Bottega Veneta are just some of the designers frequently in BTS’ fashion rotation.

If you’re a true ARMY member you know no amount of praise will justify the group’s magic. If like us, you love BTS and can’t live without them, and your phone full of photos of Jimin and TaeHyung, can you guess the member-only by their hair? Take the quiz and find out!