Blue Cross teams up with online therapy platform for children

See the source imageMassachusetts parents will soon find out. The state’s largest insurer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, is announcing Tuesday that its members now have access to an array of virtual mental health options for children and their parents, offered by a California startup.

Beginning this week, a company called Brightline, founded in 2019 and now serving just a few hundred patients in California, will become an in-network provider for Massachusetts Blue Cross, serving children ages 3 to 17 and their parents.

The move comes at a time when parents of troubled children are increasingly desperate for help. Even before the pandemic, people often waited months for appointments with mental health professionals who specialize in children. By every measure, the pandemic has intensified the stress and worsened mental health for many families, driving up demand for care.

Brightline will offer video visits with therapists, but that’s not the sole innovation. The company also deploys a suite of online resources and “coaches” who help patients stick with treatment goals and learn practical coping skills.

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