Billboard Is Partnering With Twitter to Rank Music in a New, Fun Way

the music industry’s stalwart chart resource — announced plans on Wednesday to team up with Twitter to give the people what they want: more charts.

The latest chart, dubbed “the Billboard Hot Trending Powered by Twitter,” will do exactly what its name implies: gauge how many Twitter conversations are happening around a particular song on a given day. It’s a metric that Sarah Rosen, Twitter’s head of entertainment partnerships, told Bloomberg will be instrumental in an age when social media plays such an integral role in determining the zeitgeist.

“This is all tied to conversation,” Rosen said. “This is another cool way to slice and dice music data that’s different from what they are doing with all the other charts out there.”

The new strategy will reportedly also have an impact on Billboard’s editorial workflow, in that staffers will also be tasked with writing up stories and producing videos around the data, which will eventually appear on Billboard’s own website as well as Twitter.

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