Bay Area nonprofit music school finds creative solution to keep beat going amid pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all non-essential businesses were forced to shut their doors indefinitely.

Blue Bear School of Music closed their doors mid-March of 2020 and had to cancel all future in-person music lessons and programs to students.

Within a week, Blue Bear School of Music had to shift 40 music instructors to online music lessons.

“The most recent evolution and pivot with the pandemic was the most dramatic ever for the school,” said Steve Savage, executive director of Blue Bear School of Music. “We have to be creative and figure out how we can provide programs in this environment.”

Blue Bear School of Music is a nonprofit providing music lessons to children, adults and outreach programs to underserved neighborhoods in the Bay Area.

“The greatest benefit to playing music is the joy of playing music and it is a wonderful thing to have in one’s life. Our goal is to make music education as accessible for as many people as possible,” said Savage.

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