Badminton and Other Olympic Sports the USA Has Never Won a Medal


The United States is by far the winningest country in the history of the Olympic Games, taking home 1,022 gold medals since 1896. While the nation has dominated in the pool, on the track and throughout the Olympics as a whole, there are a handful of sports where no American has ever stepped on the podium.

The U.S. will have chances to earn its first medals in several new events debuting in the Tokyo Olympics, including skateboarding and inaugural swimming races, but there are also older sports where the country is still chasing its first medals. Based on its Olympic history and Tokyo outlook, it could be a while before the U.S. bucks the trend, too.

Here are the five Summer Olympic sports where the United States has never taken home hardware:


The U.S. has had a tough time even advancing within the five badminton tournaments at the Olympics. Men’s and women’s singles and doubles have been full-medal events since 1992, while mixed doubles entered in 1996.

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