Avril Lavigne praises Olivia Rodrigo: “Her songs are her truth, and you can really feel that”

Avril Lavigne has praised Olivia Rodrigo for being “an honest voice” to her young female fans.

The singer-songwriter released her debut album ‘Let Go’ (2002) shortly before she turned 18 years old, the age Rodrigo was when her first record ‘Sour’ landed earlier this year.

Speaking to Variety as part of a new profile on the Californian star, Lavigne explained that she was impressed by the “depth and mood” of ‘Drivers License’, Rodrigo’s record-breaking hit.

“I think it’s important for people like Olivia to give an honest voice to so many young women who are still discovering themselves,” Lavigne told the publication.

“Her songs are her truth, and you can really feel that. You can tell it’s real by the way all of her fans grab onto every single word she says.”

Elsewhere in the interview Rodrigo said that she saw ‘Sour’ as being a “slice of teenage life”.

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