As Columbus sees rise in COVID-19 cases, health commissioner urges caution

This weekend, things felt almost back to normal, with people attending Easter service and mass. Some were enjoying the beautiful weather with their loved ones at a bar or restaurant, but the crowds have health officials concerned.

According to Columbus Health Commissioner Dr. Mysheika Roberts, Columbus is now seeing an uptrend in COVID-19 cases, but she said it is not surprising.

“It’s very hard for individuals to change their lives too dramatically,” Roberts said. “That is what we’ve really been asking our residents to do now for over a year. There are ways to do this and do it in a safe manner.”

She said as of now, Columbus is seeing more than 200 COVID-19 cases daily.

“We’re starting to see this not only here, in Columbus, but around the state of Ohio,” she said.

While Roberts did not want to predict what the next two weeks would bring, she did say healt officials have to factor in not just Easter gatherings, but also look at the warmer days, spring break, and Passover that could contribute to a rise in cases. Read more