Apple News to add Apple Music editorial content

Apple News is going to add Apple Music editorial content, as spotted by MacStories. This will add stories about artists and new releases to the Apple News application.

As for now, Apple Music content available on Apple News is very limited, with a total of 10 stories. It’s divided between four sections: All, Albums, Playlists, and Radio.

MacStories says the Playlist section will have a series similar to the A-List Pop playlist on Apple Music to highlight the best new songs in the week. As for the Radio section, Apple plans to feature interviews conducted on Apple Music 1.

Integration between songs, albums, and artists from Apple Music on Apple News stories is also missing. So if you click on a featured song, it doesn’t open in Apple Music.

Although this feature is available on the beta version of iOS 14.5, Apple didn’t mention anything about it during the Spring Loaded event on Tuesday. As for now, it’s unclear if the company will fully integrate Music with News starting next week when iOS 14.5 is released to the public.

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