Ambridge music museum opens to the public

The Marcels, Henry Mancini, Norm Nardini, Etta Cox, Donnie Iris … the list goes on.

If those musicians wrote or sang songs that mattered to you, consider a visit to the Performing Arts Legend Museum opening July 2 in Ambridge.

Tucked into a historic, 220-year-old brick house two blocks from Old Economy Village, the Performing Arts Legends Museum (PALM) is a treasure trove of musical artifacts from many of our region’s best known and most influential musical artists.

From gold records to a banana-yellow stage costume, and an arsenal of not-so-gently used guitars, the PALM’s walls and display areas tell a story of western Pennsylvania musicians who thrilled us, cheered us up, and made us stay out past our bedtimes. Situated at the intersection of 15th and Merchant streets in the Ambridge Historic District, PALM is educational for visitors and a trip down memory lane.