Amazon files its appeal of historic union vote at New York City warehouse

One week after Amazon workers at a New York City warehouse made history by voting to form a union, the tech giant is calling for a do-over election in filing Friday that lays out 25 objections that form the basis of its appeal.

In its filing to the National Labor Relations Board, Amazon (AMZN) alleges how the independent federal agency’s regional office which oversaw the election at its Staten Island facility, known as JFK8, “unfairly and inappropriately facilitated the [Amazon Labor Union’s] victory.”

It claims the agency used an “artificially reduced number” of employees in the voting unit to calculate whether ALU had garnered enough support to even hold an election. It also claims the agency delayed investigating what it calls “frivolous” unfair labor practice charges that it says were “exploited” by the union. And it alleges that the agency failed to properly staff the polls during the election, which ultimately “produced chaos and hours-long lines to vote on the first polling day, discouraging other employees from voting.”

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