Against The Current release “again&again” ahead of new ‘fever’ EP—listen

Against The Current explore feeling trapped in your own head in their new single “again&again,” featuring guardin.

Along with sharing the song, the Fueled By Ramen artists announced their new upcoming EP fever, which will include previously released tracks “weapon” and “that won’t save us.” Arriving July 23, the seven-track EP will be the first new body of work from the band since their 2018 album Past Lives.

“again&again” is a call to learn that mental health issues are just as valid and important to address as problems that physically manifest.

“I wanted to encapsulate the maddening feeling of being trapped in a vicious cycle in your own head,and especially show that just because it’s all in your head, doesn’t at all detract from how real and potent that feeling can be,” singer Chrissy Costanza says.

This premise of “again&again” is emphasized in the track’s video, where Costanza unlocks door after door only to keep ending up in the same room. She keeps trying to find a different place, but each room is the same until the last one, much like one can feel trapped in their own mind.