Adele drank at parties to ‘make other people interesting’

Adele drank at parties to 'make other people interesting'

The ‘Easy on Me’ hitmaker explained she would turn to booze not to “spice” herself up but rather to help herself deal with “b***** boring” guests at parties.

Speaking to Nikkietutorials – real name Nikkie de Jager – while undergoing a makeup transformation on her YouTube channel, she she: “I would normally drink to make other people interesting, rather than to spice myself up.”

Adele, 33, was answering a question from the beauty guru, 27, about her song ‘I Drink Wine’ as the ‘Rolling in the Deep’ singer quipped: “People at parties are b***** boring.”

She also spilled about how missing doing simple tasks – like going to the supermarket – as she avoided them because fame had made them “exhausting” due to the work involved.

The ‘Skyfall’ singer explained how she avoided them “because I don’t like being photographed and things like that, the planning that goes it is f****** exhausting”.

Adele noted how she stays down-to-earth thanks to parenting her nine-year-old son Angelo, and her two new goldendoodles .