Abby Elliott Is Giving in to Her Cravings

The actress and comedian Abby Elliott has been expecting, both the new season of the Bear — in which she plays Sugar, the older sister of Carmy — and her second child. So ahead of a busy month, she was in L.A., relaxing with her family, celebrating a “baby sprinkle,” and doing her best to sate her cold-cut cravings in the safest possible fashion.
My breakfasts pretty much always look the same: plain Greek yogurt with honey and berries and some muesli, and that fills me up enough. Then I started to crave sugar. I usually have a box of chocolates around, so I popped two pieces before lunch. This is my second pregnancy — I’m giving in to my cravings more this time. If I want chocolate, I’m going to have chocolate. I can’t deprive myself.

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