2022 NFL Mock Draft: Panthers, Commanders, Lions take QB; Jaguars take surprise choice at No. 1

That’s it, the 2021 NFL season is officially a wrap, which means we’re finally, fully into draft season. The talk naturally turns to team needs, even for the Super Bowl champs, and such conversations usually begin at the quarterback position.

But as you’re well aware, this QB class isn’t a particularly deep one, and even the handful of the names at the top would, in any other year, be the fourth-, fifth- or sixth-best passer in the class. Of course, that also means some teams will likely overdraft one, two or three of these quarterbacks and that’s OK — that helps build the drama in the days leading up to the actual draft.

But here’s the other good news: if your team doesn’t need a QB, this draft is deep at other key positions, including offensive line, pass rusher, cornerback, wide receiver and tight end. So even if these needs aren’t addressed on Day 1, there will be opportunities to circle back on Day 2 and even Day 3. Also worth noting on your Draft Season Calendar: the NFL combine is two weeks away, kicking off on Feb. 28.

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