USC Runner Isaiah Jewett Concerned With Essay After Qualifying For Olympics

USC runner Isaiah Jewett qualified for the Tokyo Olympics on Monday after finishing second in the 800m at the U.S. Olympic Trials. But Jewett’s work tonight isn’t over just yet.

Jewett said Monday he still has to finish a 10-page essay that is due tonight, sharing a relatable issue for NCAA athletes across the country. Jewett said his professor did not grant an extension, adding he is “mentally tired,” after the 800m race.

“My legs feel really good,” Jewett said. “Mentally I’m tired. I need to sleep. I have a 10-page essay due tonight. I’m mentally trying to re-focus and get that done because it’s due tonight and my teacher didn’t give me an extension.”

Jewett made his case for an extension once again following Monday’s race as he spoke with the media in Eugene, Ore. “I told her to watch,” Jewett said. “So hopefully she knows. Hopefully if you’re watching this, hello professor, please give me an extension.”

You can’t blame Jewett if he doesn’t exactly turn in his best work on such a difficult deadline. But even if his essay doesn’t come back with a gold star, he should take solace in the work he put in over the weekend. Jewett is now set to head to Tokyo in July, ready to represent the U.S. Olympic squad on the world’s stage.

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