Calls to boycott Iran’s election grow as protesters call on Biden to halt return to nuclear deal

As Iranians prepare to go to the polls this Friday reports from inside Iran paint a picture of growing resentment aimed at what many are calling an illegitimate election. This comes as Iranians are standing up to the regime, risking life and limb as a boycott of the presidential poll is reportedly gaining steam.

On Wednesday a video doing the rounds shows an unnamed woman protesting a town hall event in Tehran. The video captured by the news website The Foreign Desk shows a woman speaking out, and taking aim at the seven presidential candidates. In the translated remarks she is seen and heard saying, “They put seven bananas in front of us, and they say take one. What’s the difference? A thief is a thief.”

Other videos show anti-regime protests including the burning and ripping down of posters of the likely new president, Ebrahim Raisi, the head of the country’s judiciary.