All high school sports are reopened in Maine


By Ernie Clark, Bangor Daily News Staff

The Maine Principals’ Association announced a reopening of all interscholastic activities in the state late Wednesday afternoon.

That means high school sports as they existed before the COVID-19 pandemic will again be the norm this fall.

The MPA had been working in consultation with several state agencies to offer sports during the 2020-21 academic year, using community sports guidelines developed by the state to govern its own offerings.

But those guidelines were retired by the state this week, leading Maine Department of Health and Human Services commissioner Jeanne Lambrew to say earlier Wednesday afternoon that the MPA would regain final say over the sports and activities it sponsors.

“In light of the increased role that the U.S. CDC has assumed in issuing guidance, the state of Maine has decided to retire its COVID-19 prevention checklists, including community sports,” she said.

“Moving forward, we are happy to offer any sort of input on the Maine Principals’ Association public health protocols for summer or fall sports if they would like it,” she added. “As a reminder, school sports must continue to follow Maine’s current executive order and school requirements and recommendations when those sports are being played on school grounds and in school buildings, but the Maine Principals’ Association will have the ability to decide on fall sports this year.”