Air travel is on a rebound

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and public health officials still urge Americans to avoid unnecessary travel.

But millions of people are taking trips, restless from staying home for a year and emboldened by rising vaccination rates.

Since the pandemic began, March has been the busiest month for airports around the country, including Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport. There are signs many people plan to fly somewhere this summer.

So, what changes should people expect at the airport and in the air? How can people minimize their risk of transmitting or contracting COVID-19 while traveling? Can the millions of people who are not comfortable flying get extensions on the vouchers airlines issued last year for cancelled trips?

At 11 a.m. Monday, host Angela Davis talks with Kyle Potter, editor in chief of Thrifty Traveler, about how air travel has changed and what to expect in our new reality.

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