7 Supplements Keto Dieters Should Consider Taking


Our handyman was nearly unrecognizable. He was down 60 pounds in a matter of months, and he said it was all thanks to the dirty keto diet. A recap: The dirty keto diet doesn’t require you to care about the quality of the source of your nutrients, whereas the clean keto, if you will, is all about high-quality nutrition.

“Last night, I had four bacon cheeseburgers with extra blue cheese, I swapped my usual soft drink for a diet, and I skipped the buns and fries. The night before we got pizza, but I just ate all the meat and cheese off and gave my dog the crust.”

I guess the dog isn’t on the keto diet.

Yes, those meals are technically keto, but they’re also low in important nutrients, including fiber and antioxidants.

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