Zodiac Jewelry Is the Personal Fashion Trend That’s That’s Everywhere Right Now

a close up of a necklace: Courtesy Mejuri

When it comes to jewelry, the unique, the sentimental, and the bespoke are continuing to trend, but lately, it’s actually the stars that are speaking the loudest. When it comes to personal pieces that everyone seems to be clamoring for, zodiac signs have quickly become the most requested on the market — which is no real surprise, considering our nail polish and makeup bags are already full of fun, astrological finds.

This past spring, designer Brent Neale gave her signature mushroom pendants a new twist, adding zodiac symbols made of 18K gold and stones corresponding to the birth months of each sign. Jemma Wynne, a brand that does an incredible amount of bespoke business, also produced its own zodiac items, which, in a way, feel like something that could have been created uniquely for you.

That’s part of the charm of zodiac jewelry: The ability to walk that fine line between personal and obscure, without falling too much into either camp. While your sun sign may speak to you on a certain level and hold a good amount of meaning, it’s less specific than a name or monogram etched into a similar piece.

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