Your HomePod Mini has a hidden temperature and humidity sensor.


Apple just released HomePodOS 16.3 alongside iOS and iPadOS 16.3. Most HomePod updates are fairly mundane, with various improvements and optimizations. However, this update turns on a chip that’s been inside the HomePod Mini from day one. That chip can detect the humidity level and temperature of the ambient air for the room it’s assigned to. 

In order to activate the sensor, you’ll need to do two things: First, install HomePodOS 16.3 on your HomePod Mini. Second, you’ll need to install iOS and iPadOS 16.3 on any devices you want to see and use the readings on. 
Both processes are simple, with the HomePod update taking the longest. Below I’ll walk you through the steps. 
1. Go to the Home app Settings page
2. Start the software update
3. Update your iPhone or iPad

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