You Don’t Have to Be Rich to Dress Up in Designer Clothes Thanks to Covet Fashion

There was a time in my life when I would dress up my Barbies in the most outlandish fashion choices available and put them on display so all who passed through could “ooh” and “ahh” at my art—nay, my genius. These fashion shows were some of my best memories, and I know many friends who would unapologetically agree. (No, this wasn’t last Friday, and no, I wasn’t reported to the landlord of my apartment building.)

The beauty of this era of technology is that playing dress-up doesn’t need to stop when you hit a certain age. Covet Fashion, a highly addictive mobile game, provides access to the top gowns, accessories, shoes, and jewelry by the world’s best designers without adding a single zero to your credit card balance. The in-game challenges allow you to be anyone: A CEO embarking on a first date, royalty preparing for a ball, or a lucky prom queen suiting up for her big night. You can also vote on how others styled their looks if being competitive is your thing.

Cosmopolitan teamed up with Covet Fashion to put out monthly challenges on the app based on seasonal fashion trends that we cover online. The best part is that if you like what you get to wear in the game, you can purchase it IRL through our site. Here are all the details on this month’s challenge. Happy styling!