Yakima County Board of Health won’t commit to following state, federal laws

The Yakima County Board of Health voted down a motion Wednesday night not to contradict laws or ordinances at the local, state or federal level.

The proposed motion, which read “No motion should contradict any state, federal or local laws, ordinances or statutes, and must adhere to the best interest of public health and the goals and missions of the Yakima Health District,” was proposed by health board member Naila Duval, a Toppenish City Council member.

Duval said motions that contradict laws, regulations, mandates, or local or state health officers make her uncomfortable and cause “more harm than good.”

“In doing so, we undermine our credibility and contribute to government mistrust,” she said. “Board members need to stop politicizing this platform and focus on the public health of everyone in Yakima County.”

Board member Dr. Dave Atteberry commented that he did not believe dissenting approaches were political.

“When people bring forward ideas to this committee and this board, it’s because they believe they are acting in the best interest of the public health of the people of Yakima County,” he said.

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