What Is “Responsible AI” And Why Is Big Tech Investing Billions In It?

The boom of artificial intelligence (AI) and super-intelligent computation has taken the world by storm. Pundits are calling the AI revolution a “generational event”—one that will change the world of technology, information exchange and connectivity forever.
Generative AI specifically has redefined the barometer for success and progress in the field, creating new opportunities across all sectors, ranging from medicine to manufacturing. The advent of generative AI in conjunction with deep learning models has made it possible to take raw data and prompts to generate text, images and other media. The technology is heavily based on self-supervised machine learning from data sets, meaning that these systems can grow their repertoire and become increasingly adaptable and appropriately responsive as they are fed more data.
Kevin Scott, Chief Technology Officer for Microsoft, writes about how AI will change the world, describing that generative AI will help unleash humanity’s creativity, provide new ways to “unlock faster iteration” and create new opportunities in productivity: “The applications are potentially endless, limited only by one’s ability to imagine scenarios in which productivity-assisting software could be applied to complex cognitive work, whether that be editing videos, writing scripts, designing new molecules for medicines, or creating manufacturing recipes from 3D models.”
Both Microsoft and Google are at the forefront of this development and have made incredible strides in AI technology in the last year. Microsoft has integrated the technology seamlessly into its search functions, in addition to creating platforms for developers to innovate in other useful areas.

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