Two Frat Brothers Met In Alabama, Made Fashion History With Luxury Hats

Tajh Crutch and Archie Clay III may have met in Alabama, but their friendship has taken them places they could only dream about—and enabled them to make history along the way.

Crutch and Clay are nationally recognized for their successful company, WEAR BRIMS, the first Black-owned luxury hat brand sold by luxury retailer Nordstrom.

“[Nordstrom] reached out to us, … [and we] didn’t even know they were looking at us,” Crutch said. “I tell people all the time, ‘You never know who’s watching, so just continue to grind and do your thing because your opportunity will come.’”

Clay said he was “excited” about the Nordstrom partnership because it showed that WEAR BRIMS was “moving in the right direction.”

“A lot of times, you never know,” he said. “You build a company, you go through the ups and downs of building that company, and sometimes you want reassurance. … I think this was reassurance for us.”

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