These 2 new glitzy music videos from North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s favorite band really are … something

Kim Jong Un’s favorite band is back – with two new instant hits.

The North Korean dictator and his ruling party have issued a pair of glitzy music videos from what’s been dubbed the Band of the State Affairs Commission which literally sing the praises of the North Korean leader and his officials.

North Korea’s State Affairs Commission aired the videos on national TV on Wednesday for the first time, reported NK News, an American-based news and analysis site specializing in North Korea.

The two music videos, “Our Mother” and “Follow His Heart,” both feature a rather heady mix of orchestral instrumentation with slow jazz and ballad-style vocals.

“Our Mother” is about the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea. Two female singers in ball gowns lilt of how, as one of the myriad children of North Korea, they wish to “be with [the party] forever.”

“Mother, mother, our dear mother, there is no one quite like you,” the singers croons, singing praises of the “concern” and “love” the party showers on its citizens.

“Even if I were to be reincarnated 100 times, I want to be reborn, and live in the bosom of our Mother,” the song continues.