The World’s Oldest Airports

HAMBURG, GERMANY - JUNE 2007: An aerial image of Hamburg Airport, Hamburg (Photo by Blom UK via Getty Images)

We often look at the history and development of aircraft on Simple Flying, but what about airports? With aviation developing in the US and Europe, it won’t come as a surprise that many of the oldest airports are located there. But what are the oldest airports that are still operational today? This article takes a look at eight of the oldest.

1. College Park Airport, United States

The prize for the oldest airport in the world, still in operation, goes to College Park Airport, Maryland, US. It was established in 1909 and refers to itself as the ‘Cradle of Aviation.’

The airport has its origins tied up with the Wright Brothers. Wilbur and Orville Wright flew the first powered airplane on December 17th, 1903, near Kitty Hawk in North Carolina – for just 12 seconds. By 1905 they had improved this and flew for 39 minutes. Further flying was then on hold until the brothers secured contracts.

College Park was opened as part of the Wright Brothers expansion.

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